What is Little White Lies?

Little White Lies is an independent UK film magazine published six times a year by TCOLondon Publishing. Each issue takes its aesthetic and editorial cue from a forthcoming theatrical release, as reflected by our iconic portrait cover illustrations. We also run a website, curate events and in 2014 published our first book, 'What I Love About Movies'.

How does your ranking system work?

Our unique tripartite ranking system has been designed to capture the different aspects of the movie-going experience. Each film we review is given a word score plus a number score out of five for 'Anticipation', 'Enjoyment' and 'In Retrospect'.

Where can I buy the print magazine?

Little White Lies is distributed all around the world, but the best way to get the mag is to subscribe directly from us at http://LWLi.es/shop

How do I download the wallpaper?

To download a new bespoke wallpaper each week, simply follow the instructions on screen when you reach the end of that issue.

Why Little White Lies?

Because we believe in Truth and Movies.

Will my iTunes subscription to Little White Lies work on the website? Can I subscribe on the web, but read the magazine in the iOS app?

Yes, you can!

To access the app after you bought a subscription on our website: From the Back Issues page in your app, click “Already a subsciber?” and enter the email address you used to buy your subscription on the web.

To access the website after purchasing a subscription in iTunes, use your email address associated with your iTunes account to create a new user ID here.

What about an app for my Samsung / Microsoft / Nokia / Motorola / Google / etc. phone?

You can log into this site as a subscriber on any internet-enabled mobile phone (we don't have a separate app for those phones).

I purchased something and it didn’t work!

Email us at support@29.io. Please let us know where you were when you had the problem and how you’d like it resolved!